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Website PromotionWe Market Your Business For You And You Pay As You Go

If you are a small business/website owner, then you must understand the importance of website promotion for your business to :

  • Create awareness of what you do as well as make it easier to be discovered.
  • Get more visitors from which clients will be converted
  • Bring in business and more sales
  • Capture leads every day and increase revenue

And I’m sure you are looking for a successful & proven method to put your business/website in front of your customers eye’s, in the same time… You want to focus on your main business.

  • Don’t want to spend several hours trying to figure out how to do website marketing
  • You don’t want to do everything yourself but you feel you should have a part in the process.
  • You need some one to help you, not just telling you what you have to do

WPH is here to provide you with a solution to promote your business with a little effort and time from your side and with affordable cost in a reasonable time.

3 Steps To Promote Your Website

1. Optimize
2. Promote
3. Track

  • Top-rated optimization
  • Next-level promotion
  • Reliable tracking

Optimize your web pages and links for top 10 rankings on major search engines. Get your website listed on all important search engines, directories and special interest sites. Track the results of website promotion activities.

How To Start Your Website Promotion!

Download website promotion plan, then..

Choose a keyword* that you want to get a top 10 position and in which search engine (local like OR world wide

*we can help you choose the right keywords you should target according to your business.
WPH! analyze your website and generate (optimization report) which summarize your website status against your competitors and provide you in an easy to understand a step by step marketing plan that inform you what exactly needed to be changed in order to get top 10 position.

WPH! Can do every thing for you OR you can follow the plan yourself.

Why do high search engine rankings increase your sales?

Web Search Engine Optimization is the ideal way to get more visitors, more customers and more sales. Recent statistics show that the presence of top search engine Internships are essential to the success of your business:

1. Customers who have the money are in the Internet

Over 1 billion people use the Internet (Source: Nielsen / NetRatings). Web users spend twice as much online time watching TV (Source: Stanford Institute Quantitative Study of Society). Consumers spend more than $ 143 200 000 000 online/year.

These people have money, they want to buy and could be your customers.

2. Your customers use search engines

Over 80% of Internet users find new websites through search engines (Source: Georgia Tech / GVU Users Survey). This means that millions use search engines every day to find web sites.

3. These people are interested in your products/services

Users of search engines are some of the visitors the most qualified and motivated to your website you will ever have. After all, they took the initiative to hunt online resources on a particular topic. And then click the link to learn more.

Give Me Some Fucking Money

Give Me Your Fucking MoneyI am here to tell you to give me some fucking money. Why should you give me some fucking money? That is a great question and I’m so glad you asked it. The reason that I want some fucking money is so that I can buy lots of stuff and never have to work. The problem is, I don’t have it in me to take money from the good tax paying citizens of the United States. This means that in order to get a lot of money for doing nothing that requires that someone simply gives it to me.

Now before you start jumping at the opportunity to give me a lot of freaking money I have to make something very clear. I do not want to work for my money, I do not want to have to repay any favors, and I basically won’t do anything at all for the money. I just basically want someone to drive over to my place and drop off a duffel bag or five with millions of dollars waiting to be spent on whatever I want. I’ve always wanted to play around with a huge amount of money so instead of depositing it directly into my bank account I would prefer if you drop that off directly to me so that I can bathe in the first.

I’m Serious, Dude!

I am totally serious about this, dude. I want money so freaking bad so that I can just sit around and smoke pot and do absolutely nothing. I’m not much of a drinker so you will not have to worry about me becoming an alcoholic and I am too much of a pussy to do anything harder than marijuana. So the only thing you really have to worry about me doing is may be gaining some weight because if I don’t have to work I can basically just sit around and smoke pot which makes me have the munchies and I wanted you a lot of bad food. Since only rich I will have the ability to have as much bad food as I want and I really won’t have any reason to get up off of my fucking couch. Unless I have to poop.

Why Do I Want Money For Nothing?

So why exactly do I want money for doing absolutely nothing? Because it’s the one thing that absolutely every single person on the entire planet that has ever existed has always wanted. A lot of stuff for doing nothing.

I know you’re thinking, yeah that money does not buy happiness. But I’m here to tell you is to shut it. Have you ever seen someone frowning on a jet ski? I can’t afford a jet ski because I don’t have a lot of fucking money and if I did I could buy like seven of them and all of my friends could come with me.

Well, actually, I don’t have very many friends because I don’t have jet skis. But I could find new friends. And that would be fun to. As long as I decided to get my lazy ass off the couch and stop smoking pot for about 10 minutes.

I’ll Be Waiting. Contact Me!

I will be waiting and please feel free to use my contact form here if you wish to give me money. While all donations are accepted and I’m sure that everyone wants to give what they are able to afford, I would like those of you who don’t have money to just leave me alone and don’t even bother. I’m not looking to make $100 or even $1000 and if you offered me $10,000 I would still have to think about it. I mean, that’s a lot of money and everything, but whatever. That will last me like four days with the lifestyle that I want to live. I want private jet money and I want millions. So unless you are able to offer me something substantial, don’t bother. If you have anything in the six figure range, please let me know and we may be able to work something out if I feel like getting off my lazy ass.

So that’s it, there’s nothing else to write about now.

Make Money Fast With Affiliate Marketing

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This blog will show you that how you can make money quicker so you can trust on this.